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Medically proven to reduce stress & stay focused - deepening your Christian prayer life.


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Integrating Medicine with Spirituality

PrayerMotion is a great way to memorize prayers and scripture. It is an effective tool to quiet the chatter in your brain that often gets in the way of staying focused. And finally, PrayerMotion will help you feel less stressed.

Dr. Anne Borik who is a Catholic medical physician developed this program in a very simple, fun and effective way that incorporates prayer gesture with music, movement and breath. There are different categories to choose from including Prayer Affirmations, Psalms in Motion, Scripture, Word of the Day, Familiar Prayers and Blessings and much more!

Prayer Motion Physiology

Dr. Anne Borik initially developed this prayer technique to help her grandmother recover from a stroke. Leveraging her background as a Catholic medical physician, exercise physiologist, and martial artist, she created a system that actively engages the brain-body connection grounded in a Christian identity.

Be More Focused

There is an area in the human brain responsible for feeling anxious and jittery that is activated when we are not thinking about anything. But when we intentionally concentrate on a word and then bring it out in motion, that specific activity disables the anxious area in the brain, and we become more focused. It is a perfect tool to teach our children how to fill their minds with words, prayers, scripture and positive affirmations that come alive in movement.

Feel Less Stressed

It is medically proven that the brain releases a calming chemical when you engage in deep breathing, gentle motion and soft music in a prayerful way. In 5 minutes or less, PrayerMotion can be used in the classroom to bring a sense of calmness that will leave your students feeling renewed and energized by connecting intentional prayer gestures with music and breath.

Improve Memory

The physical motions used in this program are derived from the prayer gestures used in ancient Benedictine Monasteries. It is amazing how each gesture helps break open the deeper meaning of each word. This makes it a great tool to memorize scripture in the mind and in the muscles..

"PrayerMotion has not only been a blessing to our Catholic elementary school faculty and students but it has also been a gift to me personally. I highly encourage other Catholic educators to utilize this wonderful program in their schools."

Fr John

Fr. John Bonavitacola, Pastor / Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish and School

"The prayer experience fully engages every aspect of our students and settles their heart in a very meaningful way. Our teachers have been touched by how much the students enjoy prayer and students even express that they wish prayer movement didn't have to end."

Kim Cavnar

Kim Cavnar, Principal / St. Francis Xavier School


Example Prayers

Courage, Hope, Faith, Strength

Father of Truth
(St. Sharbel Prayer)

Suscipe Prayer
(St. Ignatius of Loyola)

Research shows that PRAYER MOTION improves the performance of athletes resulting in increased cognitive skills, visualization and improved focus.


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What's Included?

Over one hundred songs and instructional videos including these titles and more!

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